BlenderNC Preferences

BlenderNC allows the user to set up some preferences while using this add-on:

BlenderNC editor


BlenderNC can create a workspace for the user, the following options:

  • None:

    No workspace is created

  • Only create workspace (Default):

    space is created when Blender is initiated, however, the user will remain in the default workspace (Blender default: Layout) or their previously saved workspace.

  • Initiate with workspace:

    Workspace is created when Blender is initiated and it will be preselected for the user.

Select your preferred option by clicking over it.

BlenderNC editor


BlenderNC allows the user to select their preferred shading:

  • Solid (Default):

    Default Blender shading.

  • Rendered:

    Material and light paths are shown (Evee render is recommended).

  • Material:

    Material is shown, no lights are computed.

BlenderNC editor


Rendered can affect the performance of Blender and BlenderNC.